Safest US Bitcoin Casinos

With thousands, even millions of players all over the world wishing to access online casinos, there are many ways for players create real money accounts and benefit from the games and the payouts that are offered. Unfortunately, players who reside in the United States have some limitations when gambling online. Due to the passing of UIGEA in 2006, US banks are prohibited from processing any transaction to an off shore gambling site. This means that these players cannot use credit or debit cards and can even be restricted from some of the more popular eWallet services.

While US players do face these challenges, they continue to gamble online and enjoy the action of casino games right from home. A recent development has brought some relief to US players when Bitcoin started to be accepted at many online casinos. Bitcoin is a digital currency and it can be used by gamblers in the US to access off shore casinos with ease. When choosing a Bitcoin casino, the usual limitations and restrictions are no longer a problem. Players will simply select Bitcoin as their payment method and conduct all transactions with this digital currency. The Bitcoins can be purchased and then redeemed for US currency, making it quite simple for players to access hundreds of real money games with no issues.

Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

The main benefit is for US players, who no longer have to search for usable banking methods at online casinos. This is one of the most cost effective means to fund a casino account and to withdraw winnings. There are no large commission fees and no need to travel to money transfer locations. In just a few moments, users can move money from their Bitcoin wallets to any gambling site desired. With this amazing method of payment, US players are no longer restricted and can access many more sites and enjoy stunning real money games right from home.

Using Bitcoin at online casinos is completely safe and there is no bank controlling the transactions, so UIGEA is not an issue. Any online casino that already accepts US players will allow them to use Bitcoin to conduct transactions, so players can easily manage their casino accounts securely and with minimal risks.

Another benefit worth noting is that there are no limits as to how much can be deposited or withdrawn when using Bitcoin. Players are free to add as much as they want to their casino account and they can withdraw, with the only restrictions being any limits set by the Bitcoin Casino.

How to Use Bitcoins Online

In some locations, such as the US, where gambling online is limited, Bitcoin casinos can offer a way for these players to enjoy great casino games, ranging from slots to table and card games. Bitcoin developers have created a way for US players to get around the UIGEA and by using this digital currency  that is decentralised, it is possible to game at sites that were previously not an option for US players.

To make use of Bitcoin, users must download the client so they can create a Bitcoin wallet. Then one will pay for the bitcoins using their currency. Bitcoins are currently trading at a rate around $16 each, which is an increase from the past few months. Once bitcoins are purchased, they become available for use in the wallet and can be used to make deposits at supporting online casinos. While this is a new currency trend, not all casinos will accept this form of payment, but as it becomes more popular, players will see more and more bitcoin only sites emerging. As players win, they can withdraw their bitcoins and later exchange them for their local currency.

US Players and Bitcoin

While bitcoin may seem like a way around the legal restrictions for US players, there are still sites that will not accept real money players from the US. It will still be impossible for these players to be accepted at sites that use certain software such as Playtech and Microgaming. Many online casinos use IP addresses to track the location of players and those that are from the US will still be restricted, even if they are using Bitcoin as a banking method.

Bitcoin is just another way to add money to casino accounts and make withdrawals. It does not change the legal framework that American gamblers are dealing with. Players must still find US friendly sites and must be sure they have chosen sites that are honest and reliable. The main benefit is that US payers now can easily fund accounts without dealing with prepaid cards or eWallet services. Since they cannot use credit or debit cards at off shore casino sites, Bitcoin offers another means of managing a casino account online. For more information about Bitcoin casinos in the US we recommend reading where they have great information about this.

Security and Safety of US Bitcoin Casinos

When players make the decision to gamble online, they must be aware that here is always a risk. However, when using Bitcoins to fund a casino account, some of these risks are eliminated. Bitcoin is a great way for players to remain anonymous at a casino site as they will not have to provide the casino with any personal or financial details. In addition, the leading sites that are US friendly will always offer secure processing of each and every transaction using SSL encryption software to protect any information that is transmitted during a transaction.

Bitcoin casinos are safe and secure and players will find that this method of payment is even safer than others that have been being used. Most Bitcoin casinos will only ask for the email of the player and this is used for password recovery if needed. When using Bitcoin, no other personal or financial information is required. Players can simply set up their account and begin gambling within minutes. It will still be up to the player to gamble responsibly, but with Bitcoin, there are fewer incidents of fraud and payers will feel secure when they are playing any of the real money games that are supported at the chosen US Bitcoin casinos.

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